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How Many Schools Have Not Made Adequate Yearly Progress Under the No Child Left Behind Act?

Author(s): Shelby Dietz, Malini Roy
Published: March 11, 2010

Drawing on data from state departments of education and other public sources, this report estimates the number nd percentage of public schools that did not make adequate yearly progress. The report finds that approximately one-third of the nation’s public schools did not make AYP in school year 2008-09, although the number varied greatly by state. A table outlining the percentage of schools not making AYP by state is also included.

Download files:

Full Report (PDF format, 65.6 KB) * Direct link: http://www.cep-dc.org/cfcontent_file.cfm?Attachment=Dietz%5FHowManySchoolsNotAYPUnderNCLB%5F031110%2Epdf
Full Report - August 2010 Update (PDF format, 245 KB) * Direct link: http://www.cep-dc.org/cfcontent_file.cfm?Attachment=Roy%5FHowManySchoolsNotAYPUnderNCLB%5FAug2010%2Epdf


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