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Mining the Opportunities in Differentiated Accountability: Lessons Learned from the No Child Left Behind Pilots in Four States

Author(s): Caitlin Scott
Published: September 3, 2009

This report examines how four states—Georgia, Maryland, New York, and Ohio—have taken advantage of the flexibility under the Differentiated Accountability Pilot program to help low-performing schools under the No Child Left Behind Act. Launched by the U.S. Department of Education in 2008, the program allows nine states to vary the intensity and type of intervention they use with struggling schools and focus their resources on those with the greatest needs.

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Full Report (PDF format, 1886 KB) * Direct link: http://www.cep-dc.org/cfcontent_file.cfm?Attachment=Scott%5FMiningOpp%5F090309%2Epdf
Press Release (PDF format, 23.3 KB) * Direct link: http://www.cep-dc.org/cfcontent_file.cfm?Attachment=PressRelease%5FMiningOpp%5F090309%2Epdf


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