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Expanded Learning Time: A Summary of Findings from Case Studies in Four States

Author(s): Jennifer McMurrer, Matthew Frizzell, Nanami Yoshioka, Caitlin Scott, and Nora Ostler
Published: January 13, 2015

This summary report describes the strategies being used by case study sites to meet federal requirements and encouragements for increased or expanded learning time, and the challenges, successes, and impacts associated with this implementation process.  The report is based on the findings of a series of case studies of 17 low-performing schools within 11 school districts in four geographically dispersed states—Connecticut, Colorado, Oregon and Virginia.  CEP interviewed 49 education leaders at the state, district, and school-levels to collect data for the study.  Also available on this site are detailed reports for each of the four states and 11 districts with the 17 case study schools.

Case Study Reports

Download files:

Summary of Findings from Case Studies in Four States (PDF format, 433 KB) * Direct link:
Press Release (PDF format, 169 KB) * Direct link:
Appendix A – Key Provisions of School Improvement Grants and ESEA Waivers (PDF format, 188 KB) * Direct link:
Appendix B – Summary of ELT Strategies and General Information about Case Study Districts and Schools (PDF format, 184 KB) * Direct link:
Appendix C – Study Methods (PDF format, 175 KB) * Direct link:
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