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The Future of the Federal Role in Elementary and Secondary Education

Author(s): CEP
Published: February 1, 2001

This collection of invited papers presented at the December 2000 conference discuss the history of, present problems and strengths with, and possible future direction of the federal role in elementary and secondary education.

Presented Papers:

"An Education Agenda for the Congress and New Administration" by Jack Jennings

"Federal Aid to Education Since World War II-Purpose and Politics" by Carl F. Kaestle

"New Federal Roles in Education" by Richard Rothstein

"Rethinking the Federal Role in Elementary and Secondary Education" by Paul T. Hill

"The Federal Role in Standards-Based Reform" by Margaret E. Goertz

"The Elementary and Secondary Education Act and Standards-Based Reform" by Paul E. Barton

"Refashioning the Federal Role in Education--Keep it Focused-Keep It Simple" by Elizabeth Pinkerton

"Title I--Politics, Poverty, Knowledge" by David K. Cohen & Susan L. Moffitt

Download files:

Introduction (PDF format, 34.8 KB)
Full Report (PDF format, 772 KB)
Jennings Article (PDF format, 35.3 KB)
Kaestle Article (PDF format, 108 KB)
Rothstein Article (PDF format, 33.5 KB)
Hill Article (PDF format, 27.9 KB)
Goertz Article (PDF format, 39.6 KB)
Barton Article (PDF format, 32.9 KB)
Pinkerton Article (PDF format, 35.7 KB)
Cohen & Moffit Article (PDF format, 137 KB)
Appendix A--Participants (PDF format, 14.8 KB)
Appendix B--Biographies of the Authors (PDF format, 13.8 KB)

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