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NAEP Data: Beat Reporters' Secret Weapon

Author(s): CEP
Published: August 9, 2016

Most education reporters at one time or another write stories related to NAEP,  the National Assessment of Educational Progress. To help them better understand the unique aspects pf NAEP and take advantage of the rich data pool that NAEP offers, CEP joined forced with the Education Writers' Association (EWA) to host a reporter-focused webinar on making the most of NAEP.

This 60-minute webinar will help anyone who wants to better understand NAEP and gain practical tips for tapping this rich trove of student achievement data and detailed survey results from students, teachers, and schools. Experts from CEP and EWA explain the fundamentals of NAEP, its uses and misuses, explain how to navigate the NAEP Data Explorer website, and answer audience questions. 

Maria Ferguson, Executive Director of the Center on Education Policy (CEP)
Nancy Kober, Senior Editor, CEP
Mikhail Zinshteyn, Program Manager, EWA

Link to webinar: