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School Vouchers: What We Know and Don't Know…and How We Could Learn More

Author(s): Nancy Kober
Published: June 1, 2000

Review of current findings about voucher programs and indications for future studies. Summaries are included of voucher programs in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Florida, and International studies on the use of vouchers in other countries. A summary of the January 26, 2000 meeting includes the listing of participants and members of the subgroups that contributed to the report.

Download files:

Full Report (PDF format, 485 KB)

Meeting Summary (PDF format, 11.3 KB)

Cleveland Summary (PDF format, 15.5 KB)

Florida Summary (PDF format, 22.1 KB)

Milwaukee Summary (PDF format, 16.8 KB)

International Studies Summary (PDF format, 8.59 KB)

Press Release (PDF format, 8.11 KB)