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English Language Learners' Provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act

Author(s): Dalia Zabala
Published: June 7, 2007

As part of its comprehensive, multiyear study of state and local implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act, the Center on Education Policy hosted a roundtable discussion on March 20, 2007 with leaders from 25 organizations to address potential improvements to the English language learners’ provisions of NCLB. For more information about this meeting see the meeting summary and other supporting material below provided by Diane August and Stanley Rabinowitz, guest speakers invited to initiate our discussion. 

Download files:

Meeting Summary (PDF format, 129 KB)

Appendix A (PPT format, 170 KB)

Appendix B (PPT format, 53.5 KB)

Appendix C (PDF format, 226 KB)