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From the Capital to the Classroom: State and Federal Efforts to Implement the No Child Left Behind Act

Author(s): Diane Stark Rentner, Naomi Chudowsky, Tom Fagan, Keith Gayler, Madlene Hamilton, Nancy Kober, Elizabeth Pinkerton, Jack Jennings, Caitlin Scott, Barbara Buell
Published: January 1, 2003

Findings from review of first year of implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act at state and federal levels. This also includes the 15-District case study "Implementing the No Child Left Behind Act: A First Look Inside 15 School Districts in 2002-03" which are initial findings on how 15 diverse school districts are initially implementing the No Child Left Behind Act.


Download files:

Full Report (PDF format, 858 KB)

Jennings' Commentary on Report (PDF format, 127 KB)

Press Release for Report (PDF format, 108 KB)

15-District Case Study (PDF format, 879 KB)

Case Study Summary (PDF format, 186 KB)

Press Release for Case Study (PDF format, 100 KB)