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From the Capital to the Classroom: Year 5 of the No Child Left Behind Act

Author(s): CEP
Published: June 10, 2008

Research report on the impact of the fifth year of implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act on a geographically diverse list of schools and school districts.

The following reports comprise the Annual Report for Year 5 (Click to View the individual reports):

Some Perspectives from Rural School Districts on The No Child Left Behind Act
by Ying Zhang 
Published: 06/10/2008 
Instructional Time in Elementary Schools: A Closer Look at Changes for Specific Subjects
by Jennifer McMurrer 
Published: 02/20/2008
Reading First: Locally Appreciated, Nationally Troubled
by Caitlin Scott 
Published: 10/31/2007 

Implementing the No Child Left Behind Teacher Requirements
by Jennifer McMurrer 
Published: 08/22/2007
Choices, Changes, and Challenges: Curriculum and Instruction in the NCLB Era
by Jennifer McMurrer 
Published: 07/24/2007 rev 12/2007
Moving Beyond Identification: Assisting Schools in Improvement
by CEP
Published: 07/11/2007 
Educational Architects: Do State Education Agencies Have the Tools Necessary to Implement NCLB?
by Angela Minnici and Deanna D. Hill 
Published: 05/09/2007
State Implementation of Supplemental Educational Services under the No Child Left Behind Act
by Angela Minnici and Alice P. Bartley 
Published: 03/01/2007  

Download files:

Methodology for Reports in the NCLB Yr 5 Series (PDF format, 254 KB)