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State High School Exit Exams 2009 Annual Report: Trends in Test Programs, Alternate Pathways, and Pass Rates

Author(s): Ying Zhang
Published: November 5, 2009

The report draws from CEP's eight-year study of high school exit exams to identify long-term trends in state policies and student performance. It highlights a growing trend among states to establish alternate pathways to graduation for students who are struggling to pass exit exams. The report also analyzes exit exam pass rates and finds that 11 of the 16 states showed an average annual growth in the proportion of students passing the test in reading and 13 states showed average annual growth in mathematics. Although many states narrowed the gaps in initial pass rates between the various student subgroups over the years, the gaps remain large in both subjects.

Download files:

Full Report, updated 1/13/2010 (PDF format, 811 KB)

Errata (PDF format, 15.1 KB)

Supplemental Tables (PDF format, 108 KB)

Alabama (PDF format, 142 KB)

Alaska (PDF format, 163 KB)

Arizona (PDF format, 147 KB)

Arkansas (PDF format, 138 KB)

California (PDF format, 177 KB)

Florida (PDF format, 185 KB)

Georgia (PDF format, 150 KB)

Idaho (PDF format, 168 KB)

Indiana (PDF format, 205 KB)

Louisiana (PDF format, 174 KB)

Maryland (PDF format, 190 KB)

Massachusetts (PDF format, 222 KB)

Minnesota (PDF format, 194 KB)

Mississippi (PDF format, 209 KB)

Nevada (PDF format, 180 KB)

New Jersey (PDF format, 171 KB)

New Mexico (PDF format, 171 KB)

New York (PDF format, 205 KB)

North Carolina (PDF format, 184 KB)

Ohio (PDF format, 195 KB)

Oklahoma (PDF format, 186 KB)

South Carolina (PDF format, 186 KB)

Tennessee (PDF format, 173 KB)

Texas (PDF format, 179 KB)

Virginia (PDF format, 184 KB)

Washington (PDF format, 187 KB)

Press Release (PDF format, 23.5 KB)