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Long-Term Gains In Minority Education: An Overlooked Success?

Author(s): Jack Jennings
Published: May 8, 2011

This blog, which was written by Jack Jennings, CEP’s president, and posted on the Huffington Post on May 8, 2011, discusses achievement gains of white, Latino, and African American students on the long-term National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).  The blog points out that while general trends show a mixed picture of achievement gains over the last four decades, Latino and African American students made great gains.  Accompanying the blog is a table that shows the changes in long-term NAEP reading and math scores since the 1970s for white, Latino, and African American students as well as for all students.

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Blog Post (PDF format, 70.0 KB)

NAEP Table (PDF format, 68.8 KB)