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State Test Score Trends Through 2008-09, Part 5: Progress Lags in High School, Especially for Advanced Achievers

Author(s): Jennifer McMurrer and Nancy Kober
Published: October 5, 2011

This report examines testing data from 40 states and the District of Columbia from 2002 through 2009 and finds that while high school scores on state English language arts and math tests rose in most states, smaller proportions of states made gains in high school compared with 4th and 8th grades. State testing data also show a lack of progress and widening gaps between various groups of high school students at the advanced level in many states.

A supplemental appendix with listings of where states fall within the various analyses for this study is available as well as one-page profiles of state-specific performance trends at the advanced achievement levels for nine states. 

Download files:

Full Report (PDF format, 1113 KB)

Press Release (PDF format, 159 KB)

State-by-State Appendix (PDF format, 1646 KB)

California (DOCX format, 52.9 KB)

District of Columbia (DOCX format, 49.0 KB)

Florida (DOCX format, 48.3 KB)

Georgia (DOCX format, 41.0 KB)

Michigan (DOCX format, 49.2 KB)

Ohio (DOCX format, 52.6 KB)

Tennessee (DOCX format, 49.3 KB)

Texas (DOCX format, 49.7 KB)

Virginia (DOCX format, 41.8 KB)