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Career Readiness Assessments Across States: A Summary of Survey Findings

Author(s): Jennifer McMurrer, Matthew Frizzell and Shelby McIntosh
Published: October 29, 2013

This summary report describes how states are defining career readiness and which assessments states and districts are using to measure this attribute.  The report is based on a survey administered in the summer of 2013 to state directors of career and technical education (CTE) or their designees about career readiness assessments.  A total of 46 states completed the survey, counting the District of Columbia.  Also available on this site are four related papers containing additional details on the main topics covered in the summary report, including the responses of specific states, and profiles of major career and technical assessments.

Download files:

Summary of survey findings (updated 10/30/2013) (PDF format, 2656 KB)

Press release (updated 10/30/2013) (PDF format, 167 KB)

Related report 1 - How do states define career readiness? (updated 10/30/2013) (PDF format, 209 KB)

Related report 2 – How is career readiness assessed? (PDF format, 275 KB)

Related report 3 – How do states use these assessments? (PDF format, 367 KB)

Related report 4 – What other issues do states face related to assessing students for career readiness? (PDF format, 277 KB)

Assessment profiles (PDF format, 203 KB)