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A Compendium of Research on the Common Core State Standards

Author(s): Matthew Frizzell and Tara Dunderdale
Published: February 10, 2015

This updated compendium includes over 85 research studies focused on the Common Core State Standards, and encompasses research from multiple sources, such as government entities, independent organizations, and peer-reviewed publications from academic journals and other outlets. Each study in the compendium has been summarized and categorized across nine topic areas. A URL link to the original research is also provided when possible. The compendium is presented below both as a single document as well as individual PDFs of the nine topic areas. The compendium will be updated regularly as the body of CCSS-related research grows. This latest version is updated as of February 10, 2015.

Download files:

Full Compendium (PDF format, 1267 KB)

Communications & Public Opinion (PDF format, 901 KB)

Comparison of CCSS Content to Wide-Scale Assessments (PDF format, 751 KB)

Content, Curriculum, & Alignment (PDF format, 943 KB)

Cost Analysis (PDF format, 764 KB)

Governance & Leadership (PDF format, 921 KB)

Implementation (PDF format, 1018 KB)

Teacher Preparation (PDF format, 766 KB)

Teaching & Professional Development (PDF format, 789 KB)

Testing & Assessment (PDF format, 868 KB)