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The shape of the Federal Role in Education

Author(s): Maria Ferguson
Published: May 1, 2017

CEP Executive Director explains the powers and limits of federal education policymakers under the Every Student Succeeds Act. Read the column here.

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Choice for Secretary of Education

Author(s): Maria Ferguson
Published: January 25, 2017

Maria Ferguson's latest Kappan Washington View column on the President's choice for Secretary of Education. Read the column here.

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Civic Education and Charter Schools: Current Knowledge and Future Research

Author(s): Naomi Chudowsky, Victor Chudowsky, Nancy Kober, Nanami Yoshioka, and Jennifer McMurrer
Published: February 6, 2013

At the request of the Spencer Foundation, CEP analyzed data and background variables from the 2010 NAEP civic assessment to learn how the performance of charter school students compared to traditional public school students.   The study also reviewed other research on charter school students and civic education. The full report and a summary are available.

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Changing Schools, Enduring Principles - What You Should Be Asking About Education Reform

Author(s): Nancy Kober
Published: March 1, 2002

A brief overview of questions that should be asked for each change impacting the US system of education

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