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Additional Research and Resources

Additional Research and Resources from CEP, the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at George Washington University, and other Partner Organizations

This page features additional research and resources from CEP and its network of education partners. Also included is original research and resources developed by GWU's Graduate School of Education and Human Development​ (GSEHD). GSEHD faculty and staff are involved in research projects in the U.S. and around the world. We encourage visitors to the CEP web site to learn more about ​their past research, current projects, and areas of expertise. Please note the views and opinions expressed in the research and resources developed by external partners do not necessarily reflect those of CEP.


Market-Based Education, Inequality, and Accountability in Chile: Perspectives from a Workshop

Author(s): Maria Ferguson and Nancy Kober
Published: December 1, 2017

In summer 2017, the Center on Education Policy and the Dean and faculty from the Graduate School of Education at the George Washington University joined a group of Chilean education researchers to discuss the impact of Chile’s education voucher system on equity and socioeconomic integration. This captures the major discussion points and key findings from that meeting.

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Primary and Secondary Education in Azerbaijan: Policy Considerations for the 21st Century

Author(s): Matthew Braun, Christina Davis, Sevinj Mammadova, Anne Matthews
Published: November 1, 2017

In June 2017, the dean of the George Washington University’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development and several doctoral students met with Azerbaijani educational stakeholders in Baku, Azerbaijan to discuss ways to improve that country’s education system. This summary report provides the Azerbaijan Ministry of Education with a set of policy options to consider as it

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