Expanded Learning Time Webinar

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Expanded Learning Time Webinar

Speaker(s): Maria Ferguson, Jennifer McMurrer, & Matthew Frizzell
Published: March 19, 2015

 On March 11, 2015 researchers from the Center on Education Policy participated in the Time for Equity Webinar Series, hosted by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University. During this webinar, report authors described key findings from CEP’s study of expanded learning time across four states, including the strategies being used by case study sites to meet the federal requirements and encouragements for increased learning time, and the challenges, successes, and impacts associated with this implementation process.  The presentation and accompanying report are based on the findings of a series of case studies of 17 low-performing schools within 11 school districts in four geographically dispersed states—Connecticut, Colorado, Oregon and Virginia.


Webinar Center on Education Policy’s Report on Expanded Learning Time from Center on Education Policy on Vimeo.