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We hope you and yours are safe and healthy. During these stressful times, we are reminded of the important role public education plays in American life. Public schools validate the idea that we all have a shared interest in creating and sustaining a robust system of education that serves the common good. Coronavirus has presented America's schools with their greatest challenge, but we believe the future is hopeful. While the crisis has upended every aspect of public schooling, the nation's education system has proved its resilience in recent years. In addition to a push for higher standards, changing demographics and increased international competition, public schools have also dealt with the Great Recession of 2008, a spate of tragic school shootings and a series of natural disasters. Although these occurrences have wreaked havoc on school systems large and small, public schools have managed to adjust and move ahead with the business of educating over 90% of the nation's students.

Moving forward, education leaders will once again need to adapt and plan for a totally new environment. All of the other factors that have impacted the education landscape in recent years, many of which CEP has studied and reported on, will now be seen through a new and challenging lens. We believe there are valuable lessons to learn from this experience that, in due time, will help us build an even stronger system of public education. For our part, CEP remains committed to supporting the education community, policymakers and the public throughout the difficult times that lie ahead. We believe in the power of public education and the resilience of public schools to rise above any crisis. We hope you do too.

Be well and stay positive. We will get through this.

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